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Experience. Knowledge. Preparation. Real Estate Continuing education

Experience. Knowledge. Preparation. Real Estate Continuing education

Experience. Knowledge. Preparation. Real Estate Continuing educationExperience. Knowledge. Preparation. Real Estate Continuing education

NC Continuing Education Course descriptions

New elective: Everything I Know, About Real Estate I Learned from the Movies (and TV)



Land and real estate brokers are often motifs and characters in television and movies. I’ve often kidded my students that every great book and movie has real estate at its core, citing of course Gone with the Wind, but also The Good Earth, Citizen Kane, and many more. 

This course reviews a variety  of critical concepts in real property theory and NC license law/rules by examining clips from cinema and television.

(NC Elective 3522)

"I've been meaning to email you that your class on Monday was the most  interesting and inventive CE ever. ... I  loved your movie theme approach.  Imagine, a fun CE that actually  counts! " Kathy McGrath, David Weekley Homes

The Contract Maze



This real estate elective course developed by RE Commissioner George Bell,  is designed to navigate the intricate details of contracts. 

One critical question of “When does an offer become a contract?”  Though the answer to this “basic” question may appear obvious, there have been instances where real estate agents

learned almost too late the legalities of this question.  For example, the N.C. agent who “sold” one house to three different buyers in one day! And all because he did not understand the potential power of initials on a contract.

(NC Elective 2430)

For Your Own Good: The Realtor Code of Ethics



This course meets the NAR membership requirement that must be met by December 31, 2020 as well as providing elective credit.  In addition to discussing the Realtor Code, we also discuss various strategies for improving ethical decision making and work with a variety of case studies. 

"[I am} writing to thank you for a wonderful  continuing ed. course on ethics a couple of weeks ago….inspiring,  packed-full of useful info., incredibly well designed and executed!   Clearly you have passion, interest, depth of knowledge and talent for  the field and this line of work.  The real estate field is luck to have  you as an instructor and role model." --Sari Teplin 

(NC Elective 2420)

Investment Fundamentals



This course starts with basic information about investment characteristics but ends with students being able to perform a investment analysis for their clients.  

It's a fast-paced challenging course that answer the question, "How will my real estate investment perform over the coming years?"  

An Excel spreadsheet is included in the course. 

(NC Elective #2498)

Toxic Transactions and How to Handle Them


 The real estate profession presents many challenges. Experienced agents complain about the long hours, the lack of respect for the industry, and the many failures and rejections they encounter in their daily practice. But the greatest challenge brokers may face are toxic transactions—that is, those dealings that –in addition to the complexity of the transaction itself—include participants who are extremely difficult.  The purpose of this course to help real estate licensee identify the elements of various transactions (including the participants) which could become difficult and risky and techniques necessary to deal with them effectively.  

 (Elective 3459)

General Update (GENUP) 2019-2020 for PBs and Full Brokers



This course is required of all NC real estate licensees who wish to get or remain active.  There is no online version of this course available. 

Regarding the 2013 course:  "Thank you so much for the excellent BIC update class.  As much as we may moan and groan about having to take this every year; I do find that I always walk away with some great information. This year was no exception.  You managed to 'wow' us with your knowledge and expertise once again.  I loved the creative ideas you presented for owner financing.... I look forward to finding a time to take a few more of the wonderful classes that you teach.  It is always such a pleasure." --Jessica Bryan, Broker/EcoBroker, Green Consultant. House to Home Realty Services 

Broker-in-Charge Update (BICUP for 2019-2020)


 This course is required of all NC BICs and BIC-Eligibles.  

There is no online version of this course available.