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Experience. Knowledge. Preparation. Real Estate Continuing education

Experience. Knowledge. Preparation. Real Estate Continuing education

Experience. Knowledge. Preparation. Real Estate Continuing educationExperience. Knowledge. Preparation. Real Estate Continuing education

What real estate students have to say

Shannon Julian, Julian Appraisals:


 "Thank you for your follow through. I really enjoyed your course.  You are a great teacher, and I can make that statement based on taking continuing ed courses...since 1995."

Robin Weaver Small:


 "I truly enjoyed your class yesterday.  The comfortable atmosphere was a real plus, but mostly your command of the information, real life examples, wit, and wonderful personality were a real hit with me.  I will certainly look forward to more classes with you." 

Mike Field, Southern Pines:


 "Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed having Debbie Long as the CE instructor yesterday. She was smart, articulate, professional, well-prepared, and entertaining. For the first time in the 7-8 years that I've been taking CE, I did not spend most of my time either bored or looking at the clock to see when the  course would end!"

J. Kevin Huggins, President, Chapel Hill Realty Group, Inc.:


  "Thank you for another enlightening experience. Your knowledge and creative thinking make your CE classes truly educational.  Each year I leave your class trying to figure out what it was that I dreaded so much." 

Sharon Perry:



"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed being in your class last Friday.  I always try to take you classes because they are well organized.  Your intelligent yet easy approach is most welcome!  It so refreshing to be in class with you, your presence and teaching skills make us all better.  Thank you!"

Susan Woodward, ABR, CRS, e-PRO, RECS:


 "Your class [Social Media, the Internet and E-Commerce] was thoroughly enjoyable. I'm relatively Internet savvy, but there seem to be layers upon layers out there in cyberspace and I learned a lot from you.  I'll look forward to taking another class from you next year!"  

Tim Haag:



"Your class was the best organized, presented and documented of any similar courses I've taken, including those I participated in from CRS  and/or GRI.  Your mastery of the topic, your good humor and your willingness to conscientiously hear other points of view from class  members made the time go fast for me...and demonstrated your well-earned confidence, yet modesty. " 

Kay Craddock Earp, Broker:


 "I never write to an instructor after having CE classes.  However, yours is one of the BEST that I have taken in my many years in Real Estate. I look forward to attending many more! Everyone enjoyed it and it was SO INFORMATIVE (as you purposed it to be). Thank you for knowing what we all need no matter the years in the business."

Brian Pate, instructor/BIC:

Brian Pate

  "I learned more in this class [Investment Fundamentals]  than any other elective I have taken." 

Mariana Fiorentino, Terra Nova Global Properties, Chapel Hill:


 "Many thanks for such a comprehensive and captivating 'fun' course." 

Irene Gaye, Broker, Chapel Hill:


“Your 8 Creative Strategies for a Slow Market was the best CE class  I've ever attended.  Thank you for putting such stimulating class together!” 

Marie Vanderbeck:


 There  are some people who I'll take any class with, even Underwater Basket  Weaving, just because they are such great, enthusiastic, knowledgeable  teachers.  You are one of them!  I so much enjoyed (and learned a lot) from your two CE classes.   You are unique in that you not only hold my/our attention, but you are  so well informed (I mean really WELL informed!) on so many things.  You  do research over-and-above what other folks do and it is a joy to  be with you.  I particularly appreciate when there is dialogue - pro and con. You are truly a role  model, not only in the integrity of real estate , but in customer  service. 

Marshall Payne, KB Home

Want you to know, you are my  favorite teacher so far! I felt invigorated (instead of exhausted)  after sitting through 4 hours of CE. Look forward to seeing you soon,  for my 2019 CE.  

Jennifer Hilkert, National Markets Administrator Investors Title Insurance Company:

  "Thanks for providing us with such fantastic CE classes. You are a truly gifted and captivating instructor." 

Phil and Karen Wicker, Wake Forest

"Thanks again for an excellent presentation. I believe you covered more  good, practical information than any instructor I've had in my 18 years  as an NC Realtor, and did it with good form, well organized, well  prepared, well presented and easily comprehendible. And thanks also for  your patience with and (knowledgeable) responses to the numerous  questions we asked. That kind of performance seems pretty rare in my  experience through the years with CE classes and instructors. I will  certainly be looking for the classes you are teaching in the future."

And more:

Leon Waters, NC Real Estate Professional:


"I want you to know, by far, you are the best continuing education instructor/teacher I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  I'm a former public school teacher and I recognize excellence and quality.  Not only am I a better real estate practitioner by way of your classes, but I come away a better person from being in your presence.  And, you can quote me on that!"

David Morgan:

 "Thanks for making a slow 4 hours each day move quickly and with interest and good humor. I usually say, 'There went another 4 hours of my life I'll never get back" after each CE course, but when you teach them, you make them  both interesting and, surprisingly, educational!   Thanks for being there "at the end" for all us procrastinators!"

Tom Heffner, Broker

"...The Ethics course ...was great. The best ethics  course I’ve taken (and I’ve taken a lot of them). " 


Regarding the course on drones and privacy:  " I thought I would let you know just how relevant this topic is to my business just over the last month.   After taking your class and really discussing these topics in depth, it is  really astounding how many situations I have been in with a heightened sense of appreciation for the things we discussed." Krista Beattie,  Broker 

(Elective 3410)

 "Last week I attended a CE class taught by Bill G. and the elective was  your course “You’ve Been Served”. I wanted to write to you and tell you  how much I enjoyed it. Certainly Bill presents any class well , but in  this case it was easy because  of how well written the course is. Believe it or not I am reading every  word of the course and enjoying it immensely. Anyway thanks for the  great course and my very best to you. "--Tom Mahlum, Instructor(NC Elective 3293) 

Elective From Heaven to Hell.  Recipient of the 2014 Real Estate Education Program of the Year. 

This is a timely course that deals with the issues related to oil/mineral rights, including fracking, contract issues and  title and homeowners insurance problems. The teacher will include a review of air and water rights as well. (NC Elective #3223)From Dr. Michael Dykstra, NC State professor and real estate licensee:  " I have to hand it to you.  Yesterday's elective course was by far the best elective real estate course I have ever attended.  As you pointed out, the level of class participation (interest) was amazing.  I was already familiar with fracking issues and riparian rights issues, but the material you collected to underline the serious real estate quandaries when confronting these issues was extremely interesting.  It was truly the first course that I left wanting to get online and dig into some of your resources.   Thanks again for the excellent course." 

"Let me say that Heaven to Hell is one of the best courses you will ever take. It explains fracking (and why you are checking No rep, No, No on the forms), its long term effects, how it can happen in your neighborhood even if you don't want it - a lot of valuable information that you really need to know for yourself as well as your clients. I can't say it enough - this course is excellent! " Dora Wallace, Broker, CRS, SRES, E-Pro, GREEN