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There are 12 online courses below from which to choose. The first three are ethics courses--an ethics course is required of Realtor/brokers by December 2020.

If you are a broker but not a Realtor, you can choose any elective you want.

Staying on the Right Path (NC Elective 3425)


 Instructor Cindy Chandler  All brokers want to do things right, whether it is following the license law or abiding by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. This course has case studies in different areas dealing with different challenges. It does not matter if the broker is from a large or small market, in an urban or rural setting, or is residential or commercial or both – all brokers will relate to most if not all of the situations presented.  This course satisfies both your NCREC 4-hr. elective course requirement AND the NAR Code of Ethics training requirement. 

Tuition: $67 


Everyday Ethics in Real Estate (NC Elective 3300)



This course reflects the latest information from the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). 

This title meets NAR’s requirements for new members to complete ethics training and continuing members to complete biennial ethics training. 

Tuition:  $63

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Scruples and the Code of Ethics (NC Elective 3390)



Instructor Jo Mangum The real estate profession is full of ethical dilemmas. Understanding how to navigate through these dilemmas is incredibly important to you and your clients. This course provides an overview of the NAR’s Code of Ethics as well as guidelines for solutions. The benefit to you is a sense of confidence in doing the right thing.  

This course satisfies both your NCREC 4-hr. elective course requirement AND the NAR Code of Ethics training requirement. 

Tuition: $67 

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The Tiny House: Is it a Phase or Craze? (NC Elective #3415) ​


 The “tiny house” movement can be traced back at least as far as Henry David Thoreau, and his book Walden, first published in 1854.  His book was a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings.  Thoreau wrote, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliber­ately …to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”   

Topics include:

  • Origin of the tiny house
  • Basic structural elements and construction standards
  • Financing and valuing a tiny house
  • Tiny house communities​

"I like the quality of the courses you offer.  I know what to expect and I'm never disappointed."  --Elizabeth Price-Piskin, Broker

Tuition:  $63

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The 20 Most Cost-Effective Home Improvements (NC Elective 3448)

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 This course employs the latest 

national data to calculate 

the 20 home upgrades that provide the greatest return on investment. 

Including internal improvements like kitchen remodels, outdoor improvements like deck additions, and energy-saving improvements like window replacements, this course explores the home improvement process to reach some surprising conclusions about cost and value. 

With a discussion of financing and environmental factors, this course will help agents advise their clients to make wise choices that  impact their resale value. 

Tuition:  $67

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Property Management in Today's World (NC Elective 3489)


Instructor Joe Rempson, CPM

This course gives a thorough overview of the most important aspects of residential property management in NC, including: defining the characteristics of a good investment property, determining market rental rates, review of the NCAR property management agreement, maintenance best practices, tenant screening, service animals, banking requirements, the lease agreement, safety issues, security deposits, and more!  Joe Rempson has been in the residential property management business for over 20 years; learn from a true subject matter expert with deep property management experience right here in the Carolinas! 

 "That was a very enjoyable and informative on line course! Easy to navigate, good material content and content that can truly be used on a daily basis within my business. 
Kimberly Swiatek, K.Hovnanian Homes

Tuition:  $67

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The Millenials are Here: Are You Ready? (NC Elective 3335)


 Instructor Jo Mangum  

The purpose of this course is to assist the real estate agent in understanding the Millennials. 

Students will learn what Millennials will want from their real estate experiences, learn what they will want from their real estate agents, learn how some of the new behaviors will impact the regulatory landscape, and prepare their business for this generation.  

This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit.  

Tuition: $67  

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Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate ((NCREC Elective # 3557)


 Instructor Cindy Chandler

This elective provides a comprehensive introduction to the potentially lucrative field of commercial real estate. Discussion includes the categories of commercial property, financial elements involved in real estate investments, and developing a marketing plan. 

This elective features learning objectives and key terms and case studies to reinforce key concepts. 

This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit.

Tuition:  $67

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CMA Confidence in an Imperfect World (NCREC Elective# 3465)


 Instructor Jo Mangum

 One of the most important skills of a real estate agent is confidently completing a comparative market analysis (CMA). Unfortunately, real estate school did not prepare us for this skill. In CMA Confidence in an Imperfect World, you go step-by-step how to complete a CMA so that you can defend it to the seller.

This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit. 

 Tuition: $67 

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Understanding The Mortgage Industry (NC Elective 3257)


Instructor Julia Iden Develop an understanding of who the key players are in the mortgage industry and what happens during the life of a mortgage. Learn how to make the mortgage industry “systems” work for you.  This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit. 

 Tuition: $67

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Art of the Short Sale (NC Elective 3278)


 Instructor Julia Iden This fast-paced course is packed with insider info and real life short sale transactions. Authored and presented by Julia Iden,  one of the top loss mitigation experts in the United States, this class brings the licensed real estate, finance & legal professionals all the deeply buried industry secrets.  This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit.  

Tuition: $67 

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Beyond the CMA: Developing a Pricing Strategy (NC Elective 3232)


Instructor Jo Mangum This class shows the learner how to review the trends, how to present the market information to the seller and how to overcome the objections of the seller. This class will give you invaluable knowledge regarding how houses should be priced to sell.  This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit. 

Tuition: $67 

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